.mba is short for Master of Business Administration, a postgraduate degree. It makes a short and to-the-point web address for graduate school ranking services, scholarship or grant providers and any university, such as our Sintang Paaralan that offers an MBA program.

Join PUP.mba and show them you’re exec material!

In many companies, an MBA degree is required to be considered for an executive or senior management position. Let the world know you have what it takes with our .mba email address and .mba online resume.

Well, of course, we knew that the Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is a highly sought degree for everyone from business people to presidents—and the network of MBA students, schools, professors, and services is expansive. Our PUP’s .mba extension provides the perfect namespace for the degree and people who have one. Whether lending professional credibility to an MBA-holder or enhancing search-ability of MBA-related educational information and services for MBA seekers, our very own .MBA provides an extension that signals professionalism.

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