How to install your [email protected] email address in your Gmail App:

1. Go to your Gmail app of your Android Phone, be sure it has the latest update/version.

2. Go to Settings and Click Add account.

3. Choose “Other

4. Enter your own [email protected] email address and press Next.

5. Choose Personal (IMAP).

6. Enter your password and press Next.

7. Be sure that the Server has filled with then press Next.

8. Same as #7, be sure that the Server has filled with then press Next.

9. Just follow the recommended Sync frequency then press Next.

10. Fill-in your FULL NAME then press Next.

CONGRATS! Your account is set up and emails are on their way! Choose and select your inbox for your [email protected] at the left pane, drop-down menu of the Gmail app.

Tip: You may also use other email apps at the Google Play store such as BlueMail, Edison Mail, Outlook, Inbox by Gmail, etc. or your own native mail client app of your Android phone. Follow the normal process by filling in your own email address and password. Most email apps will have an automatic process. Just choose Default, Others or Automatic Settings and IMAP and you will be signed-in automatically. This is also applicable for iPhone users.

Happy sending!





1. Click the EMAIL LOGIN at the website or go to

2. Log-in your [email protected] and password.

3. Voila! You’re now set as easy as 1-2-3!

Important: Be sure to set-up your FULL NAME of your email. Go to Settings >> Email Account >> Click your [email protected] >> type-in your FULL NAME >> Click Save.



Congratulations for having your own email address! I am sure that you are now excited about your first use but be sure to read our Email Usage Policy.

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